Our Krebs Recycle climbing rope dog leashes
Krebs Recycle Reggie 6 ft. Leash
6 ft. Reggie Leash
Our 6 foot big dog leash, made from recycled climbing rope, is perfect for big dogs and ready for adventure...
Krebs Recycle Ruby 4 ft. Leash
Our 4 foot leash, made from recycled climbing rope, provides an option for those who like to keep their dog closer.
4 ft. Ruby Leash
Krebs Recycle 2 ft. Heeler Leash
Krebs Recycle 1 ft. Trainer Lead
Our 2 foot Heeler Neck Leash is great for tight control of your dog in parking lots, traffic, or the vet's office...
2 ft. Heeler Leash
1 ft. Trainer
Our 1 foot Training Lead gives you ultimate control and flexibility when training or grooming dogs...