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At Krebs Recycle, we are remaking the way dog leashes are made. Our leashes are fashioned from durable, pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled nylon climbing rope. In fact, we don�t recycle rope, we up-cycle it, which is better than recycling because we use the rope in its original form and extend its life by transforming it into a dog leash. There are no carbon-intensive recycling processes to turn the rope into something else. So you get a great leash, the rope stays out of the landfill, and the environment gets a break.

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When you buy a Krebs Recycle Leash online, the shopping cart process is now handled through Amazon. Here is what customers are saying about Krebs Recycle, their buying experience, and our leashes. For more details, see Krebs Recycle at a Glance on Amazon

4.9 stars over the past 12 months

5/5: "I'm totally pleased with the service and the great, well-made leashes!" - September 21, 2015

5/5: "New puppy! Weird family rule: new puppy gets her own leash, even if the late dog's leash is still in good condition. Decided to try this one after looking at new leashes. I LOVE THIS! For a couple of $ more than standard leashes, this one is awesome! The clasp is big, tough; the climbing rope defies new puppy teeth; recycling climbing rope? Perfect! I'll definitely be coming back to get more." - September 19, 2015

5/5: "The leashes are great, very comfortable on my hands - I walk several dogs at once! I love that they are recycled." - September 14, 2015

5/5: "I have purchased this dog leash before and was totally amazed at the durability and construction of it. We accidentally left the leash dragging outside the truck door So the clip was ruined, hence our purchase." - August 22, 2015

5/5: "The leash is an outstanding product. It feels light and sturdy. If they had a longer line, I would purchase another leash." - July 28, 2015

5/5: "Thanks" - July 4, 2015

5/5: "Awesome" - July 4, 2015

Upcycling is better than recycling

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Krebs Recycle Reggie 6 ft. Leash
The 6 ft. Reggie Leash
Krebs Recycle Ruby 4 ft leash
The 4 ft. Ruby Leash